Monday, April 21, 2008

Pissing off Mumbaikars

BOMBAY (21 Apr) As much as I love this city, nothing beats annoying the hell out of its dyed-in-the-wool residents. Case in point --- IPL loyalties. Having spent 2.5 years in Mumbai, my cricket loyalties are torn apart in a 70:30 ratio between, yes you guessed it right, Delhi and Mohali.
Call me choosy, but I will select Preity Zinta over Nita Ambani any day. And lets face it, Mumbai "Indians" is the gayest team name ever, gayer than even Kolkata "Knight Riders".

I am now waiting for my Delhi Daredevils cap to arrive from Delhi. Sitting in a Mumbai college hostel and cheering against Sachin Tendulkar should be fun!!

Change in format

BOMBAY (21 Apr) Writing long posts is hard work for me and pure torture for the reader, so I have decided to finally ditch that format. From now on, expect "cat gives birth to a dog" kinda short posts in the future. You all can heave a sigh of relief now!