Monday, May 05, 2008

Team loses despite support from local fan

BOMBAY (5 May): In a surprising piece of news, visiting IPL team and favorites Delhi Daredevils lost to the bottom-ranked Mumbai Indians yesterday. What is even more surprising is that this happened despite the local Daredevils fan Rahul Gupta wearing a team cap. At a great risk to life and limb, he went to the stadium and wore the black and red cap amidst a sea of blue t-shirts unimaginatively titled "10-Tendulkar".

The cap was flown all the way from Delhi for the express purpose of pissing off the local crowd in this much anticipated cricket match between Delhi and Mumbai. Virender Sehwag, the captain of the Daredevils, however had different plans. Keeping in mind his goal of making the league interesting, he first ran one of the batsmen out and later gifted away his own wicket through the most childish of shots. Rubbing salt to the fan's wounds, Sehwag later uttered "thanks Mumbai" in an act of diplomatic wimpiness unbecoming of a Delhite.

Wimpiness, however, was not on display in the stands. Local nut-job Rahul Gupta once loudly proclaimed "do aur wickets maangta hai" after one of the Mumbai wickets fell. When one of the thousand odd nearby Mumbai supporters angrily enquired "abey kisko do aur wicket chahiye?", the Delhi fan pointed to the Daredevils icon on his cap and said with a serious face -- "isko chahiye!".

PS: I shall not wear the cap during the next Delhi game. Yes, I do believe in jinxes.