Friday, December 23, 2005

Mera number kab aayega ??

Thats Hindi for "When am I gonna get my chance at ... ?". The issue in this case is marriage.
In the coming few days, two of my friends are getting hitched (not to each other, atleast not until they legalize same-sex marriages in India). While for me, it means yet more free food, the most comforting feeling is that - "Hey! good things like these can surely happen to guys like us!! :)"

Thats a very comfortable thought indeed. Trying my hands at losing my single status a few times, and succeeding only partially, I have temporarily given up on any such endeavours in the near future. The motto of the day is - "let the parents do the dirty job of finding a decent girl". We are living in good times my friend. Wait, no , change that to - we are living in a good country my friend. One where arranged marriage is always a saviour of poor souls like me. I am ok with arranged marriage, heck! 80% of the marriages in India are arranged (ok ok I made that statistic up, so sue me!). My only problem with it can be summed up in one sentence that my mom said to me.

It happened like the following. Picture this - me narrating my 'criteria' of a decent girl to my mom, and my mom going 'uh huh, ok, carry on...' and so forth. After I finished my lengthy monologue, I asked my mom - "Ma is it unreasonable to try and find a girl like this?". And my wise mom replies - "No son, it is not unreasonable to demand, but sure is impossible to get".

So until I stop freaking out from that comment, I am still gonna hold on tightly to my bachelorhood and make my fellow Aquarians proud of me :) (Saying goes that in a gang of friends, the Aquarians are typically the last ones to marry).


shan said...

Sure my friend, Later the better.

Deepsy said...

Err i dont know you, and u obviously have no clue about me.....i dont know how i reached your blog and in particular to the one u had written some 2-3 years ago! I dont know why i am commenting on this blog....but i just felt like it....I am in the same boat as you with regards to finding a life partner....except that i am a girl whoz 30 :) ....If u are married by now wish u a happy married life...if not wish u all the luck!
take care cheers
~a restless stupid soul awake at 2am commenting on a stranger's old blog!
Deepsy (just in case u wanna comment on my comment hehehehe)

Anonymous said...

did u finally get married or not???

Anonymous said...

did u finally tie the knot?