Monday, October 16, 2006

Its done. Its over

Thats what Frodo said when he finally threw the One Ring in the fiery chasm of Mount Doom. I say this because I finally successfully finished the 21 km Half-Marathon in Delhi this Sunday.

It had been a dream of a small boy living in a big city, aka me. Finally joining my ranks, was Goldie-Boy, who was running to impress his fiancee. And so we ran, finishing the race in two and a half hours each, thereby setting a personal record of sorts.

The race was rife with all elements of a successful drama --- will power, focus, the inevitable cramp at 16 kms, limping, mixing jogging and walking, and the cheerleaders. Goldie did it for his fiancee and I did it for those unnamed cheerleaders from Kingfisher.

If there was ever a sight prettier than those Kingfisher-ians doing their stuff, it was the sight of the 20km milestone, which signified that the end was nigh.

I will stop here and nurse my sore legs and will advise all of you to go and do it atleast once. A warm fuzzy feeling is guaranteed.


Ashish said...

congrats dude whats next? The complete Marathon?

Anonymous said...

Congs :) And hopefully your previous posting, will ensure that you run the upcoming Mumbai-marathon with motivation analogous to that of Goldies';)

Anyways, get well soon too!

- Tweety

P.S. Noted that the text-in-braces has performed the disappearing act. Merci!

Kusum Rohra said...


Asterix said...

@ashish: Thanks dude! Nah I will stick to half marathons only. Full ones are way too long and boring!!!

@tweety: Thanks. But I guess I will stick to running for myself. That way, if I lose, I only lose the race and not my face (which, I admit, isn't much, according to my last post)

@kusum: Thanks! Do shabd bolne ko kaha just said only one!!

Tara said...

Congrats buddy... :-) Like I said.. feels like a full circle..
Here's hoping that next time you run.. you catch something too ;-)

Mudra said...

Congrats!! You're really into marathons na? :D

Asterix said...

@tara: Thanks! This time around I caught some cramps and sore-legs.

@mudra: Thanks. I am not "into" marathons, I just like them :) This was my first big run and I hope to run the one in Bombay in January too!

anirudha said...

hey congrats. Catch u at mumbai marathon. Last time i also finished the half marathon in around 2.5 hours. this time planning for a full one. hope to get company

Kusum Rohra said...

Congrats DUDE!

Asterix said...

@anirudha: Thanks dude! I don't have the guts to run the full one, but I will definitely try to make it to the half.

@kusum: :-) Stingy, aren't you! As if words cost money, eh?

Anonymous said...

congrats! next time do the full marathon you know you can

Anonymous said...

Congrats dude, great going.


Anonymous said...

Congrats for finishing the half marathon!

I guess some cramps etc are a part of the first long run... I dont know whether you were religiously practicing before the marathon. The practice definitely makes things a lot easier.

Cya at the Mumbai marathon in Jan :)

Asterix said...

@indianboy, Varun, goldensilence: Thanks guys. Will definitely try to perform better at the next run!