Sunday, August 07, 2005

Not so Great Punjab

Went to this eating joint on Linking Road with Vikram. The placed is called "Great Punjab" and I was rubbing my hands together in eager anticipation of some atleast "slightly great" Punjabi food. The ambience was ok at best and so was the food. The servings are not ample and the taste...well it was average at best. Oh and did I mention that they serve alcohol :) Ultimately cost me 450 bucks per head . Guess I will stick to Papa Pancho the next time I am in that neighborhood.


vsmalhotra said...

Papa Pancho...wah kya naam hai...very close to being an abusive word ;).


Asterix said...

Ya. I was pretty high the first time I went there. I thought Vikram was just pulling my leg by saying "Lets eat at Papa Pancho". It has a dhaba feel with milestone-shilestone and all.

Asterix said...

And did I mention that Papa Pancho is owned by the famous adman Prahlad Kakkar. He also owns another joint called Sarson ka Saag. Will check that out too if I get time.

soulstirringexperiences said...

Well Rahuji ... there is no place like Punjabi home food .. and for a Delhite that u seem ... finding good Punjabi food will always be quite disappointing in Amchi Mumbai... However if u look beyond Papa Pancho u will discover a place called 'Urban Tadka' at Juhu. All they ask for is immense patience ( coz finding a table there is a task )but assure you awesome food ... i can vouch for it.
The Proud Punju/ Mumbaiya
Payal :-)