Friday, August 26, 2005

Non-linear morale curve

With Monday meetings with my guide being the norm, I thought it would be useful to plot my fluctuating states of anguish, panic or euphoria. So here goes nothing, (inspired by PhD Comics)

Salient points on the morale curve:
a) Prev meeting with guide went well. Realizing that the next meeting is far off in the foggy future, morale is at an all time high.
b) Realize that half the week is over and nothing has been done. Panic is beginning to set in.
c) Realize that the problem is harder than thought on Tuesday. Red 'panic' button pressed.
d) A brief spurt of motivation to solve the problem, no matter what. The spirited moment is, however, shortlived.
e) Other students say that the guide is sort of cool if you dont work for a couple of weeks. This news serves as a straw to a drowning man.
f) Realize that you _have_ to work this week because you haven't worked for the previous 3 weeks. (e) is not an option.
g) Unable to solve the problem. Become comfortably numb and stoic. Adopt a "main aisa hi hoon" (this is what I am) attitude for the meeting which is only 2 hrs away. Morale increases slightly because of the 'martyr attitude'. Spend the remaining time calling loved ones and writing the will.


Anonymous said...

Dude, there is a big discontinuity in the function at point 'a' ... :P. Also, looks like the function is non-differentiable there as well. Take it easy, solve ho jayega, all the best.

Anonymous said...

Koi madad chahiye ho to main hoon na :D...

Asterix said...

Dude, this curve is a time-series curve, viz. the two mondays can have different morale values :)

Anyway thanks for the help. If you can work on the biconnectivity problem, it will be a big load off my chest :)) I can help out with arbitrarily complex LEDA simulations...haha.