Saturday, May 06, 2006

An ode to a wonderful abode

Leaving Bombay tomorrow for Delhi. Its been a wonderful two semesters here at IIT Bombay and it was much better than I expected. For a change, I will lose the cynicism (temporarily) and state it as it is. I am going to miss this great city terribly. When I came here, my ego of being a Delhi-phile stopped me from accepting how cool this place was. Subconsciously I used to find reasons not to live here - the lousy traffic, the jampacked trains, the ubiquitous crowd and the rampant concretization with total disregard to greenery and the environment.

What I didn't realise was that my acceptance of this place didn't make me less of a Delhi lover and vice versa. Bombay, I will miss you - walks in the green campus, the lake, the train rides against the traffic, the sea-fronts, bandstand, Nariman Point, quarter bars, BEST, autos, cheap cabs at 2 a.m., the gorgeous Victorian buildings of South Bombay, Marathi signboards and annoucements (even though I had no clue what they meant), but most of all, your humility and simplicity which hides your pride and determination perfectly.

My stay here couldn't have been peaceful without old and new friends - Vikram, Raghu and Kohli from undergrad days and all the PhD/Masters gang members here at IIT Bombay.

May your tribe increase. And may I return here soon enough.



Tara said...

Hi Asterix,
Touching farewell indeed! Hope you have a fun time in Delhi as well.. :-)

Anonymous said...

:). Sweet. I want to go to Bombay too.
Dude, send me your contact number in Delhi.
Chal then, enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Bhawwwwaaa....:( :( U did not thank me :( Did I make ur life terrible in the first sem ? :)...well..welcome to Delhi...i guess you must be airborne right now...happy landing!

Asterix said...

@tara: Thanks mate! Have already corrected my biological cycle, thanks to the intense heat!

@Varun: Will send the number(s) soon. Till then, they are the same but the primary one is now 98116..... waala.

@Manish: abey yeh post last sem ke baare mein thi....bhool gaya woh Jai-Veeru waali post jo pichhle sem mein likhi thi X-o ? Thanks waise! ;)
And my ideal start has already happened. The airline has lost my luggage - which means that I have no clothes :(

Anonymous said...

Well well...Bombay (more so the RS wing) is going to be peaceful once again :p:p

He he... jokes apart.. APS ke liye to anaa hi hain na ! Just dont forget to get MTs when coming. Im sure Delhi would be better 'stocked' than Bombay :)

- shruti

shan said...

Thats a nice farewell. Havent spent much time in Mumbai but I can understand. So, you will be doing the rest of your study in Delhi ?

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Anonymous said...


Seems like you are really senti about leaving Mumbai. Very explicable.

Keep coming... and lets drink to the good old times again.

Till then, try to enjoy Dilli.


Anonymous said...

Kawn Ho Tum Jo Dil Main Samaye Jaate Hoh;
Pehli Nazar Mein Apna Banaye
Jaate Hoh,


Asterix said...

@shruti: I havent seen any MTs here so far! Seriously. Tough luck :(

@shan: Yes, thats the plan for now...lets see if I feel homesick enough to return to bombay!

@lucy_bot_whatever: Can I buy a PhD? That will solve all my problems!

@Raghu: Yeah man bombay rocks bigtime! Cheers (hic)!

@Preah: Something like that ;)

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