Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pardon my self-indulgence

But I was bubbling to say this. This weekend was spent at Hyderabad, and the aim was to run the Hyd half-marathon on Sunday. The stay was very comfortable, courtesy the wonderful hospitality of Raghu's parents and extended family.

Although both Raghu and I were scared because the starting time was 6am and we only had three hours of sleep the previous night, but we somehow made it just five minutes late. The marathon itself was pathetically organized (bad medicinal+water infrastructure), but the run itself was great and there were only 200 odd runners in the half-marathon, with no Kenyans/Ethiopians to spoil the party.

Both of us managed to vastly improve our personal best, clocking 2 hrs 9 mins each. As Raghu rightly mentioned, we managed to finish within twice the winner's time, and thats a mean achievement!

I will stop now before I lose any more readers.


The Golden Silence said...

WoW !!!
2:09:00. Thats simply amazing dude...

No kenyans and ethopians is like some dream come true... seeing them run at 20kmph gives such a big inferiority complex !

Tweety said...

Congs!! You're getting better and better.
Am seriously getting inspired to participate in the forthcoming one in Mumbai :p

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! You've come a long way from the first halved-half marathon in Delhi :-)
This dodna bhagna practise is gonna help you a lot when chasing girls.. he he he :-D

Mudra said...

I repeat... you're really into this marathon thing na? Lol... twice the winner's time?! Arre waah!! ;)

Asterix said...

@all: Thanks a lot!

@goldensilence: Yes, but even then, the winner this time clocked only 1:07 :(

@tweety: Then don't dilly-dally and buy a pair of running shoes already!

@V: Rats! You found out my real reason for running! ;-) It helps in chasing girls and later, getting away from being shot by their boyfriends.

@mudra: Yeah yeah you can say that I am "into" this thing :) And hey! twice the winner's time isn't bad, considering the fact that I almost broke my knees.

Anonymous said...

Congrats dude :). Great going.

Asterix said...

@Varun: Thanks man!

Mallika said...

Sincere Salutations.

I don't think I cld manage even 6 kms (read:self-confessed wuss)

Asterix said...

@mallika: Thanks a lot and my sincere "awww" at your confession :) I was like that too not long ago.