Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cynicism shall take a back seat for a moment

Crime, poverty, corruption and illiteracy in the country will be overlooked for a short while, as I get off my arm-chair and savour the World Cup victory. The cup of rants shall overflow again after a few days when either of these things happen (its only a matter of time):

  1. A dumbass politician goes overboard and says that Rama was indeed an engineering student, but only managed to pass after copying from Bharat, and a lot of supplimentaries.
  2. A dumbass Hindu organization or self-appointed guardian of "Hinduism" issues a fatwa, ordering that the above mentioned politician be impaled.
  3. The corals in the Gulf of Mannar, sick of all this brouhaha, shift camp to Mauritius.
  4. The Blueline bus daily accidental death toll reaches two digits.
For now, I cannot make myself think pessimistically, so signing off on a high.

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