Thursday, June 05, 2008

Local visitor has hard time giving sh*t about Clinton-Obama tussle

San Francisco (Jun 4): Recent reports have indicated that local tourist Rahul Gupta, who is visiting California for a 3-month internship, doesn't really give a damn about the boxing match between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The 24x7 coverage of the issue on the news channels and the late night shows seem to have really pissed him off.

But what really gets his goat is that a majority of the "non-resident aliens" in US, who have no voting rights, seem to have invested a lot of time in forming their opinion. Even a FOB seems to have taken a stronger stand than the true blue Democrat citizens.

As this article was going to the press, news came in that Hillary is going to concede the nomination to Obama. Relieved, the local intern said that now he can finally watch high quality shows such as American Idol, Wife Swap, ElimiDate and Jerry Springer.


Bland Spice said...

been checking your blog for over a couple of months.

your train journey murphy laws was a real gem.

Mudra said...

Lol... Wife Swap? And ElimiDate?! Damn! Btw, is a trip to the US an annual thing?

yfyxyqjk (Try typing it and see what a bloody pain it is)

Vandana said...

Oh you should go to one of local get-togethers in Michigan.. none of these morons even have a GC.. forget about voting rights.. but listen to their heated discussions about how Obama is better or McCain would be better than Hillary.. is just too much.. ugh!!
Btw, you're watching all the crappy reality shows.. watch "The Daily Show" instead.. :-)

Tweety said...

So have you been 'Elimidated' as yet :p ?
And what have you been upto apart from watching the idiot box ?


PS This is the last comment with word verification btw !!!! No more comments if word verification is not turned off :p:p

Asterix said...

@blandspice: Thanks :)

@mudra: Not necessarily. It is usually for a conference, but this time it is for an internship. And please tolerate some "pain" for my sake!

@vandana: I have been watching the Colbert Report and Jon Stewart's show daily. Back in India it is hard to imagine someone ridiculing the ruling party and getting away with all teeth intact!

@tweety: Somehow I get the feeling that you have googled for elimidate :) Anyway, I haven't been elimidated (yet). And I speak on behalf of all the spam-riddled bloggers when I say that word verification is here to stay.

Markus said...

Good Job! :)

Hades said...

I've been coming to your blog for quite some time, now, off and on.

The KANK review was what got me, i think.