Monday, August 04, 2008

Update from Suryanagar

SOUTH BAY AREA (3 Aug): Incase you are still wondering, Suryanagar is the slang for "Sunnyvale" aka the Indian ghetto in the Silicon Valley.

In local news, many charity runners in the San Francisco Marathon today failed at finding a cure for AIDS (see a funny Onion story here). Yours truly ran the half marathon, despite being completely out of shape and finished in a respectable 2 hrs 5 mins. The best part of the race was obviously the 4 miles going over and back on the super-awesome Golden Gate bridge. The race route was pretty scenic, along the Embarcadero road (which runs along the seafront), then the Golden Gate bridge over the ocean and some San Francisco residential neighborhoods. The notoriously steep San Francisco inclines were peppered throughout the course and they made sure that I never became complacent. But enough about the race.

My internship is wrapping up and I expect to be back in the filthy and disgusting city of Bombay in a month (I don't know how you Indians live there) ;-) And if I survive the ass-whooping I expect to get on this remark, I will resume my PhD, which has been under a moratorium for the past few months.


Solzaire said...

way to go man, way to go!
see you in vegas?

The Golden Silence said...

Thats some cool timing !!! There was a mini race (6 & 10km) in campus... I guess I did 6 in some 45 mins :o

Welcome to Bomb...cough...cough... sneeze... cough... covers his nose and runs for some fresh air... oops found none... aborts...ayyy !!! :-)


Asterix said...

@solzaire: Thanks! And yep see you in Vegas. Is Bahu coming?

@tgs: Yeah I heard about the Varsha race, thanks to the 1252 mails by Madhur and co. on the egroup. Was there any rain during the race? If yes, then that would have been something!

manish said...

hahaha... you call 2hours 5 mins for a half marathon a respectable time.. hahah.. Anything more than 1:50:00 is considered way too slow. Mr. Couch Potato. :-))

Tweety said...

Message from Chubbs-Land:

"Suryanagarians totally unwelcome in the lush green panther infested campus - which currently smells all fresh air and rain "


PS A random slap awaits thou from you-know-who !

Asterix said...

@manish: Actually anything more than 1:45 is slow ;-) But given my couch-potato personality, even 2:05 gets me more respect than a GodFather.

@tweety: Well if you insist, I will take a tour of your ramshackle and pathetic "campus". You can imagine me snorting my nose in disgust at thinking of your country, city and campus ;-) Enjoy the fresh air, rain and all other smells, including but not limited to cow-dung and roadkill.

Vandana said...

Congrats... :-) You've been running a long time now.. India, now US.. Now the real question is are you running away from something or are you running to something.. hmmmm (holds chin thoughtfully)
Yeah.. see you in Bombay!!

Asterix said...

@vandana: The easy (and frank) answer is bragging rights :) On the lines of "yeah I ran the half when I was in San Francisco this summer, no big whoop..."

Mudra said...

1. "today failed to finding" ?

2. Kitna bhaagta hai!

3. Just out of pure bloody-mindedness, I won't pick a fight over Bombay. Hah.

4. wvehs

5. Blog more!

Asterix said...

1. Duly corrected. Bachcha samajh kar maaf kar do!
2. Not nearly enough!
3. That's because you know you can't win ;-)
4. Love you too.
5. What can I do?? I don't have a crush over Farhan Akhtar!!