Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nation applauds much wanted change in law

BOMBAY, INDIA (12 APR 2006): The entire nation stood on its feet today and welcomed the introduction of the much sought after reservation bill. The bill aims to guarantee the availability of girlfriends to the deprived sections of the male society. Although the exact details of the bill haven't been released yet, its salient features are as follows:

Who gets some?

The bill seeks to help out the needy and deprived males. As of now, it covers all engineering students, graduate students, medical students from North India, pizza delivery guys, waiters in Bombay's quarter bars, Haryanvis, Indian armed forces and airline pilots. The honourable minister for HR, Mr Arjun Singh elaborates - "We are trying to cover all demographics where the males hardly get to interact with females". This new category will be called the MIDGETs for Men in Deprivation of Girlfriends Etc. The "etc." covers one-night stands, "just good friends", "sahelis", live-in partners and the like. As of now, the MIDGETs cover almost 27% of the population!

This law is not without precedent. In 1991, its predecessor, the "Cool guys should definitely get girls" Act, it was ensured that all B.A/B.Sc/B.Com male students should be granted easy access to the female form. At that time, the logic provided for the Act was that these students, pursuing their worthless degrees, are no match for the professionally qualified B.Tech/B.E/B.Arch/MBBS students who land up with all the nice brides. The 1991 Act, recommended by the Sandal comission, wished to rectify that situation and was a nudge in the right direction. The Act was successful in making procreation feasible for 22.5% of the male population.

However, with every revolutionary idea, come the imbeciles who oppose it. To oppose the 1991 Act, two students from IIT and IIM turned publicly gay to show their defiance. Will such an uncouth opposition be on display this time too?

"No way! 15 years of conditioning have made us totally heterosexual", says Anand, a BA student of Hindu College, Delhi University, with his arms around his two girlfriends.

The logic behind the law

The MIDGETs have been suffering from a lack of female contact (platonic or otherwise) for decades now. A survey carried out in 2005 attributed an average of 13.5 girlriends to every engineering student in IIT. But the figure fell to an abysmal 0.13 after removing "chat-friends" and "orkut-buddies". Hence the need!

"Would you want a horny nuclear engineer in control of the atomic power plant? Huh? Would you?", opines the head of nuclear safety at BARC, Trombay.

Minister Arjun Singh echoes the concern - "Due to lack of female company, boys in IIT were turning to homosexuality, or worse, assembly programming! So it was high time for some affirmative action".

Implementation nightmares

With 49.5% of the male population becoming legally eligible overnight, the question arises as to where will we get the requisite numbers?

"We are talking with the governments of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh", answers Arjun Singh. Bangladesh, in particular, can come in handy with its large diaspora legally and illegally settled in India. Talks have started which will create almost a million jobs, exclusively for female foreigners, in the next 2 years. It should be noted that on account of the bad example set by Manisha Koirala, India will not be "that interested" in pursuing the matter with Nepal.

This will also allay any fears of the non-MIDGET community on the lines of "not being able to find a bloody girlfriend nowadays".

Implications for gays

So what about gays in the MIDGET community? Will a girlfriend be forced down their throats too?

"These are minor wrinkles that can be straightened out. Remember, the State of India doesn't recognize homosexual relationships as legal! And anyway, its high time we stopped discriminating on the basis of sexual preferences", clarifies Arjun Singh.

"Further, it shouldn't be a big problem. They can become 'just friends'. From what I have seen in the reruns of mediocre American sitcoms, chicks really dig gay guys", adds Singh, before quickly replacing the word 'chicks' by girls.

Well, as of today, the bill has been passed unanimously in both the houses of the parliament and is awaiting the signature of the President, who coincidentally is also single and may relate to the problems of the MIDGETs.

This reporter will take your leave now and be off to enrol in one of the neighbourhood engineering polytechnics.


Ritesh Nadhani said...

Awesome...I am myself planning to put a POst on the same fcuked up issue in my Blog sometime but it will not be humoros as yours. Humor is not my forte. Waiting for GREATBONG to post on it too....

Reservations sucks!

Awesome post though!

Tara said...

Hi Asterix,
Hilarious!! LOL!! How about reservations for US-settled-ugly-old-maids? We want a piece of the pie of cute eligible men.. :-))
Kidding apart.. that was a very sarcastic and smart take on this issue.. Kudos!!

Asterix said...

@ritesh: Thanks dude! I have discussed this issue ad infinitum with my friends and believe even more strongly in my stand.

@tara: US-settled-ugly-old-maids huh? You old hags can always come back and claim ownership of a few of us poor souls :) I am sure no one would complain!

solzaire said...

tussi stud ho paaji

Anonymous said...

Sexy post dude :), reminds me of your writing stints during undergrad days [classic stuff]. Keep up the great work.

Oye, btw, buddhappe main tujhe gfs yaad aa rahi hain :P, college main to ladkon ko puppiyaan karta tha :o.


Asterix said...

@solzaire: thanks man!

@varun: yaar dheere bol...ghar ki baat ghar mein hi rahe to achcha hai :)

Anonymous said...

Hey you seem to have conveniently forgotten the fact, that you spent the better part of the evening yesterday, in the midst of at least a 100 women !

- Shruti
P.S. ++CommentCount
==> ++MilkyWayCount

Tara said...

Hi Asterix,
Just checked the comments section.. and I'm appalled.. looks like someone here is a major "chupa-rustam" ;-)

Asterix said...

@shruti: Finally! So it takes a MW to buy a comment from you :) ? I can't afford to give out MWs to everyone who makes a comment. Wait! Mine is a stupid unpopular blog, maybe I can...hmm...

@tara: chupa-rustam eh? Of the "hiding in the closet" or the "dark horse" kind ? I would strongly prefer the latter :) Please clarify.

Tara said...

You have to select a side and stick to it.. ;-) I was just concerned for you.. can you imagine.. both guys and girls fighting over you?? :-))

Anonymous said...

chicks really dig gay guys

You asked me to potray you as a gay ;). My job done now, transfer the money in my bank account :D. Aish kar :).


Anonymous said...

What are MW's?? Dude I want my MW! "Mr.Chupa Rustum", you seem to be going mean more of the besides the tennis court types "places".


Asterix said...

@tara: Alas! No one fights over a broken old man like me nowadays :( , not even guys! good old days! Kidding apart, this slander is all the kaarastaani of Varun, who was my wingmate in hostel during undergrad days...

@varun: Tu India aa, tereko to main dekh loonga...

@manish: MW is Milky Way chocolate. And I am not going any place, atleast not anywhere that you haven't been to...Mr Globetrotter ;-)

shan said...

Excellent post. You should be writing jokes for Leno (he sucks nowadays).
Of all the midgets who is are an IITian man, there will be girls chasing you everywhere. (Dunno about guys, I've been away from India for like whole six months).
Did I also hear some US-settled-hotshot-female-exec complaining too ?
Come on you guys, give the less fortunate a chance...

Asterix said...

@shan: Thanks dude! No luck so far for me :( No Indian/US babe (even the hotshot-exec) wants to do be seen in a 1-km radius of me.

shan said...

Arey bhai, I was talking about Tara(US-settled-hotshot-exec). I meant, 2 people way up in the food chain are complaining. Not fair !!

Asterix said...

@shan: Me? Way up in the food chain?? Thats probably the sweetest lie anyone has told about me :)

Tara said...

Food chain? :-)Hmmmmm
You have made me curious now.. tell me more about this food chain..what are the levels etc etc??

Anonymous said...

Long time no post? Bahut busy hai kya? Or busy saying good bye to some "interesting" people as ur D-day of coming back to Delhi is getting near?


Asterix said...

@tara: Whatever the levels may be..I am sure I am below all the herbivores, carnivores etc.. :(

@manish: Cant think of anything silly enough to write :( Real life is turning out to be stranger than fiction.

Anonymous said...

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