Saturday, April 01, 2006

TV Today

First, after so much publicity, they announced his departure. I, for one, was devastated. For me, he was an integral part of the whole experience. But then, he came back. Well not exactly.

I am talking about Isaac Hayes, the South Park chef, the most ultimate sex machine to have graced the idiot box ever. Apparently there was a big fallout between the South Park creators and Hayes over an episode where SP ridiculed Scientology, which Hayes is a devotee of. What Hayes didn't realize is that SP is equally capable of poking caustic fun at _any_ issue under the sun. So they promptly debuted their 10th season with an episode titled "Return of the Chef". And Hayes won't be flattered on seeing that episode, to say the least.

Wonder, what song will Hayes sing now? And speaking of the 10th season, the second episode is one of the funniest I have ever seen. At par with the 8th season, which contains the best SP episodes.

Am also watching the 17th season of Simpsons right now. Wonder how they manage to keep the quality up after so many years!

Consider this: Marge Simpson prods Todd to overcome his fear of heights and climb up a church spire. Now Bart is helping him climb down:

Bart (to Todd): Lets just go down without holding hands. It looks gay.
Todd: What's "gay" ?
Bart: umm... gay is when you overcome your fears and do cool things.
Todd (shouting at the top of his voice): Hey DAD!!! I am GAY!!! Did you hear that? I am GAY!! Mrs Simpson made me GAY!!

I had a hard time controlling my laughter.


solzaire said...

Can't wait to see the episodes. Hope 200G will be put to good use :)

Anonymous said...

Simpsons movie is also coming out in July :). Hopefully mast hogi.

Asterix said...

@varun: Yeah I saw the trailer. The human actors acted out the prologue. Can't wait!

@shantanu: Sure I have a copy of everything. But you are coming to "my city" this weekend anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

bhaiya ye ap log kis bare mai bat kar rahe hai. ye south park kahan hai.. heeranandani ke bagal mai?

Asterix said...

@anon: :-)) South Park is a cartoon series on Comedy Central, a US Channel. And I am curious about your identity ;-)