Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Status Update

Been a hectic last few days here at Pittsburgh. Came here on the pretext of attending a Machine Learning conference, but my achievements have been elsewhere. Be it a visit to Lake Erie to meet a friend, or to Niagara Falls (like a true desi) at the drop of a hat, or eating tuna dishes (3 meals in 3 days) - which is a mean achievement for a veggie like me.

The conference has been good, a little more down to earth than I expected, but thats ok. Got to meet some of the famous names in this area, whose papers I had read for years now. My blog backlog is huge now, with bloglines showing a list of more than 100 blogposts to be read. So I guess I will put the wireless internet to good use, while nodding and pretending to appreciate all the talks.

And I will answer this one question all of you may have -- I expect myself to take around 7-10 days to undo the effects of the conference and refill my cynicism tank. Postings on completely inane topics are expected around early to mid-July.



Tara said...

Hi Asterix,
The Niagara "teerath" is essential for every desi.. :-) Plus the evidential proof via pic is perhaps the only sure-shot way to impress prospective wives ;-)
Enjoy the rest of your trip..don't drink and drive :-D
Take care,

solzaire said...

what ya drivin'?
me driving yar car :-P

Anonymous said...

So its TUNA now..... No wonder Hobbes has been complaining in the recent comic-strips, that he's had to go without tuna for the past 3 days or so ;)

Hehe.. you enjoy your 'fishy' binge.... seafood rocks after all!

- Tweety
P.S: Its ++Orange-Hersheys this time (without fail) :)

Asterix said...

@tara: Well my camera broke down after I had taken only 83 Patel shots, so no prospective wives for me :(

@solzaire: me driving a Ford Taurus and you better drive your own car :)

@tweety: As Joey would say, its "Toona sane-which" that I usually have. I will buy the orange thingies in New York (or will conveniently forget to buy them at the last moment) ;)

Anonymous said...

mid july!!:O..oh comm'on!!..we will have to wait for a good "gunda" or "rakhi sawant" blog till that long!!:O..I didnt knew that these conferences are so boring!(this really makes me wonder why my husband loves to attend them so much!!:O...)

Asterix said...

@anon: Yeah the conferences suck the living juices out of me. Ofcourse your husband may have a different opinion ;)

Anonymous said...

Come back soon. I'm missing U

Asterix said...

@preah: well I didnt know that people were missing me. Delhi, here I come.
Day after.

shan said...

Oh man, Pittsburgh ? came so close to where I am.
Hmm...many destinations within limited time.
That was quite a trip(!)

Asterix said...

@shan: I heard about the deluge at Wilkes Barre. Since you have posted a comment, I guess you are ok :D Will let you know the next time I come to East Coast. Peace out.

Anonymous said...

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