Thursday, August 17, 2006

There and back again

Shortest post ever. Back to Bombay today! :) Immense joy results. Highest density of happiness per word. Will miss Delhi a lot but a few dozen beers should take care of that!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Dude!

BTW whats so special about Bombay to give you so much happiness ? Is it the upcoming talk ... oops APS :)

Anonymous said...

"Shortest comment ever. Asterix back from Delhi yesterday (8-x)! Immense terror results. Highest density of entropy per word. Delhi will not miss a lot - and a few dozen milk-treats should take care of Bombay!"


Asterix said...

@golden_silence: APS was fine. I expect around 2-3 days more to get back to normal after the traumatizing experience.
Nothing special about Bombay, except the rains I guess :)

@tweety: Immense bumps to you will result and immense sorrow too because MTs are out of stock!!

Anonymous said...

A few dozen bears should convert you from asterix to obelix. Delhi is dry and all the reason to have beer here.

silverine said...

A few dozen beers will take care of anything!!

Asterix said...

@hiren: Well a dozen bears will surely reduce me from asterix to nothing :)
Roger about the delhi comment though!

@silverine: Yes, except a few things ;)

Ashish said...

Dont miss out on Mondy and Leopold
btw whats this super enthu all abt?