Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I am alive

BOMBAY (Feb 7): No, all ye faithful readers of this blog, I am neither dead nor without an internet connection. I was and still am busy with a paper submission deadline. Sigh! the things that people do in the name of higher studies. In order to not lose my meagre readership, I thought of giving a not-so-brief update.

I turned 27 a couple of weeks ago, amidst considerable fanfare, sponsored by my partners in crime at IIT. A couple of eggs were gifted to me, in the hope that atleast one of them would find its way on top of my scalp, but my ninja moves ensured that it was not to be. Some highly unconventional gifts were received, including one that questioned my sexuality, but moi loved them all equally nonetheless. This was the first of the series of birthdays that I have officially decided to hate. Twenty seven, as it turns out, is on the wrong side of twenty five, especially for a single man suffering from hairloss.

In other personal news, I managed to finish the Mumbai marathon in a decent (for me) 2 hrs 14 mins and this is the last sentence I will write about it, lest you all tie me to a stake and burn me for this shameless piece of self-advertising.

Finally, an old undergrad friend of mine has started a blog. So if you came here looking for examples of good penmanship, then please proceed further. I, for one, am looking forward to discussing gay topics like HTML templates, comment moderation, lack of readers and low pagerank with him. Ofcourse mutual backscratching in the form of inter-blog comments with him is tacit.

PS: I had drafted the first half of a post on a topic, which I feel is spicy and cheap enough to attract comments. No wait, not just spicy, but TOI spicy. Something that the esteemed newspaper would be proud to carry on their front page. So please look out. And as usual, thanks for stopping by.


Mudra said...

Oye yaar... I am going to object this time. Where is the "TOI spicy" post??! This one got over immediately after it started. :(

Asterix said...

Fear not my child! The TOI spicy post is still languishing in the drafts folder. I am torn apart between the choices to publish it in two parts (ater I write the second half) or as one boring monologue.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... will wait for the TOI style spicy post... :-)
In the meanwhile, how about completing the topics you almost blogged about in your prev post?

Tweety said...

How in the world do you manage to find the time to write blogs, while writing your paper as well ?

And yeah.. waiting for your TOI style spicy post...

Asterix said...

@V: If I had a nickel for every stupid thought I had considered blogging about, I would be Bill Gates by now :)

@tweety: Who says I am writing my paper :) Thats the power of having co-authors!

Tweety said...

yeah.. Its an unfair world you know - some guys have all luck !!!!

The Golden Silence said...

I feel, in better interest of the remaining hair the eggs should landed on your scalp... what say ?

and yes... waiting for the spicy TOI post... for which you found enough time to spend in the middle of a submission deadline. Jealous me !!

Asterix said...

@tweety: ;)

@goldensilence: I think the eggs are happy staying where they are. Dont you go around putting ideas in their yolk-filled heads!

Mallika said...

(Ahem) you manage to balance writing blogs and finishing an important paper?!!!

BRAV-o! Who says Men can't multi-task?!! -rhetorical question
(wld that include the men at IIT?)

Asterix said...

@mallika: Men can never multitask! In my case, it was either the paper or the post. And we all know what turned out, dont we? at IIT are no better (or worse).